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  • Meet the Team: Garv (a.k.a. William T. Garver)

    Greetings, fellow cinephiles, Over the next week or two, I plan to add a couple of additional writers to the Bottom Shelf.  As a way of introduction, I will ask them to complete a brief questionnaire about their movie preferences and remembrances.  Of course, I’ll never ask a member...
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IT CAME FROM THE BOTTOM SHELF! is a movie recommendation site, focusing on forgotten classics, lesser-known gems, and oddball discoveries.

William T. Garver (a.k.a. garv), formerly of boozemovies.com, is the one-man band behind It Came From the Bottom Shelf!

Email: garv@bottomshelfmovies.com
Facebook: @ItCameFromTheBottomShelf
Twitter: @BttmShlfMovies

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