• Maigret and the St. Fiacre Case (Maigret et l’affaire Saint-Fiacre, 1959)

    On December 5th, Kino Lorber will release new digital restorations of the first two Inspector Maigret movies starring Jean Gabin.  I previously reviewed the first film, Maigret Sets a Trap (1958), so if you are unfamiliar with the Maigret movies, you may want to read the prior review before...
  • Maigret Sets a Trap (Maigret tend un piège, 1958)

    Between 1931 and 1972, Georges Simenon wrote 75 mystery novels and 28 short stories centered around a gruff, introspective, pipe-smoking, Parisian police inspector that he dubbed Jules Maigret.  Not only were the books tremendously popular; Simenon soon saw the potential to extend the character into other media.  Merely one...
  • Garv’s Pick of the Week: Le Samouraï (Criterion)

    For the release week of 11/14/17: Garv’s Pick of the Week: Le samouraï : One of the most requested titles from Criterion gets the Blu-ray upgrade that fans have been longing for!  This ultra-cool existential noir by director Jean-Pierre Melville stars Alain Delon as a quiet French hitman. Additional...
  • Oscar (1967)

    Rich industrialist Bertrand Barnier (Louis de Funès) is about to have a bad day.  First, he is awakened at an early hour by an employee, Christian Martin (Claude Rich), who both requests a 100% raise and admits to having embezzled 60 million francs from the company.  Still, Bertrand can’t arrest...
  • Jean Gabin as Maigret on Blu-ray

    Kino Lorber announced that they will release two classic French-language mysteries, Maigret Sets a Trap (1958) and Maigret and the St. Fiacre Case (1959) on Blu-ray on December 5th.  Both star the great Jean Gabin as Georges Simenon’s popular, fictional police commissioner. Inspector Jules Maigret, is one of the most beloved...
  • Girl on the Bridge (La fille sur le pont, 1999)

    In the 1990’s and early 2000’s Patrice Leconte was the darling of the independent film and festival circuit with his adult dramas that burst beyond the boundaries of the French-speaking world into the international market.  His films such as Monsieur Hire, The Hairdresser’s Husband, Ridicule, The Widow of Saint-Pierre, and The...
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