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  • Garv’s Pick of the Week: The Old Dark House (Cohen)

    For the release week of 10/24/17: Garv’s Pick of the Week: The Old Dark House : My favorite Universal horror film has received a loving 4K restoration and Blu-ray release from the Cohen Film Collection.  This delightful film, directed by James Whale (Bride of Frankenstein, The Invisible...
  • The Great Silence (1968) Theatrical and Blu-ray Release

    Rejoice, Euro-Western fans!  Sergio Corbucci’s celebrated spaghetti Western, The Great Silence, considered by many to be the best of the genre not directed by Sergio Leone, will receive a much-delayed American theatrical release.  When the film was completed in 1968, Darryl F. Zanuck, the head of the distributor, 20th Century...
  • Web of the Spider (1971) Blu-ray Coming 10/24

    I know absolutely nothing about this upcoming release, but it sure sounds fun! Here are the full specs from Garagehouse Pictures:   Within this web lies the ultimate horror. An intrepid reporter by the name of Alan Foster (Anthony Franciosa, TENEBRE) accepts a wager from Edgar Allan Poe (Klaus...
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