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Greetings, fellow cinephiles,

I am a self-admitted podcast addict.  There is no better way to pass the time during a daily commute or a multi-state road trip than with a self-curated selection of podcasts.  It’s like talk radio, except without commercials, always on a subject of interest, and featuring personalities with whom you enjoy spending time.

I will use the “Podcasts” section of this site to draw attention to my favorite film-related podcasts or to point out individual episodes that I think will be of particular interest to readers.  And I can think of no better place to start than with two recent special episodes of the Just the Discs podcast.

The Just the Discs podcast is a solo project by Brian Saur of The Pure Cinema Podcast (my current favorite film-related podcast) and of the popular movie blog, Rupert Pupkin Speaks.  The format of the show is simple — Brian grabs a stack of recent video releases of his shelf and shares his thoughts on them (which in and of itself is great).  However, Brian recently strayed from the standard format for a couple of very special episodes.

(Left to right) Brian Saur and Rob Galluzzo

For “Collector Mentality” and “Collector Mentality: Part Two” Brian invited Rob Galluzzo of the Shock Waves podcast to join him for an in-depth discussion of the sickness (with which I am also infected) of physical media addiction.  The discussion includes a breakdown of their Blu-ray collector habits, such as how they organize their collection (alphabetical versa genre), where to get deals, storage, whether special features are important to them, double-dipping, seductive words such as “limited edition,” and much more.  It is truly heartening to know that I am not the only one suffering from this dread infirmity.  I highly recommend giving these episodes a listen (embeds and links below).

Just FYI — I organize my discs by genre and then more-or-less chronologically (silent era to present).  I do deviate from chronological order to keep the work of major directors together.  For example, I want to see all the Chaplin discs together and the Welles discs together, etc.  The problem is always what to do with directors such as Howard Hawks, Billy Wilder, and the Coen Brothers that were equally adept at comedy and a variety of dramatic sub-genres.  Alas, first-world problems.  I also highly recommend the My Movies Pro app for cataloging your collection.

The individual episodes are embedded below:

Better yet, subscribe to the JUST THE DISCS PODCAST:

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