Punk Rock

  • D.O.A.: A Right of Passage (1980)

    In 1978, the controversial British punk band The Sex Pistols scheduled a seven-city tour of the U.S.; and Tom Forcade, the founder of cannabis culture mag High Times, decided to invest in making a concert film/documentary about his favorite band.  He hired unknown London director Lech Kowalski to document...
  • Garv’s Pick of the Week: Legend of the Lost (Kino Lorber)

    For the release week of December 12th: Garv’s Pick of the Week: Legend of the Lost : Fans of the Duke, rejoice!  Two of John Wayne’s lesser known films are being upgraded to Blu-ray this week, courtesy of Kino Lorber.  I’m most excited about this one, which...
  • MVD Rewind Collection

    They say that physical media is dying, but I don’t think it will ever truly die.  Large studio labels may eventually decide that it isn’t worthwhile to continue producing DVDs, Blu-rays, and 4K UHD discs; but smaller labels, with their pulse on the collector’s market, will continue to cater...
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