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  • Garv’s Pick of the Week: The Philadelphia Story (Criterion)

    For the release week of 11/7/17: Garv’s Pick of the Week: The Philadelphia Story : George Cukor’s classic romantic comedy starring Katharine Hepburn, James Stewart, and Cary Grant gets the Criterion treatment.  The film gets a new 4K restoration; and extras include two complete 1973 episodes of...
  • Garv’s Pick of the Week: Porky Pig 101 (Warner Archive)

    For the release week of 9/19/17: Garv’s Pick of the Week: Porky Pig 101 : Bugs Bunny wasn’t Warner Brothers‘ first animated superstar. Five years prior to the creation of the wascally wabbit, a stuttering pig without any pants put Looney Tunes on the map.  Now...
  • Warner Archive Upcoming Blu-rays

    The Warner Archive posted a flurry of new Blu-ray announcements to their Facebook page last night.  These included the specs for the previously announced, unrated, international cut of John Landis’ Innocent Blood (1992), as well as the new announcements of Christopher Guest’s mockumentary Waiting for Guffman (1996), the Ray Bradbury...
  • Warner Archive Comic-Con Announcements

    Today at San Diego Comic-Con, the Warner Archive Collection revealed that they will release three fun genre titles on Blu-ray later this year: The Green Slime (1968), The Hidden (1987), and Innocent Blood (1992). It was further disclosed that the release of John Landis’ underrated vampire film Innocent Blood will be a longer,...
  • Shout/Scream Factory Comic-Con Announcements

    San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing, and that means panels that yield announcements of Blu-rays and DVDs that we can look forward to in upcoming months.  Last night, Shout Factory revealed titles for it’s Shout Select and Scream Factory imprints that we should see later this year or early...
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