Twilight Time April Titles

Jacques Demy, Paul Schrader, Martin Ritt, and more

Twilight Time announced their Blu-ray line-up for April over at, including Jacques Demy’s first English-language film, Model Shop (1969), Paul Schrader’s Bob Crane biopic, Auto Focus (2002), Martin Ritt’s No Down Payment (1957), and the unexpected pregnancy drama Blue Denim (1959).

We don’t know anything regarding the content of the discs beyond the fact that No Down Payment and Blue Denim are new 4K transfers. Knowing Twilight Time, some of the discs will likely feature isolated music tracks and audio commentaries. Here’s some original release artwork, just because:

MODEL SHOP (1969) BLU-RAY – April 17th

AUTO FOCUS (2002) BLU-RAY – April 17th

NO DOWN PAYMENT (1957) BLU-RAY – April 17th (Brand New 4K Transfer)

BLUE DENIM (1959) BLU-RAY – April 17th (Brand New 4K Transfer)

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